BELLPORT - South Country Ambulance Chief Gregory Miglino says he believes the ambulance shot while responding to a call in Bellport Tuesday night was targeted.

Miglino says they've never had an ambulance be shot at before. He believes the shooting wasn't random.

The bullet came through the ambulance window at around 8 p.m. as it was traveling east on Atlantic Avenue and struck a 19-year-old volunteer EMS worker in the back. Miglino says the teen was not seriously hurt because he was wearing a hazmat jacket and bulletproof vest at the time of the incident.

“He got right back up,” said Miglino. “He went out on two more calls after being hit.”

Less than 20 minutes after the shooting, the chief says they responded to another shooting just eight blocks away from where the ambulance was hit. The victim told News 12 that he saw a green truck stop at a stop sign while he was walking. He was then shot in the back.

Paddock Auto, a local body shop, also was hit by gunfire. Bullet holes were found in the shop’s front window Wednesday morning.

No arrests have been made.