EAST QUOGUE - The recent winter storms have caused major erosion along Dune Road in the Hamptons.

In past storms, the ocean cut across Dune Road in Westhampton and connected to the bay on the other side, creating a small river of water.

"The breach was so wide that you couldn't imagine anything shorter than a bridge the size of the Westhampton Bridge being able to cross it," says Dune Road resident Bill Farnum.

Officials are afraid that a similar breach may happen in East Quogue.

Winter storms have eroded the sand dune there, and water has made its way through the dune toward the road.

"The emergency operation is to rebuild the backside of the dune with about 5,000 cubic yards of sand. It'll be about 50 feet wide at the base and about 25 feet at its crest," says coastal geologist Aram Terchunian.

Officials say the operation is only a temporary solution. They say a massive plan by the federal government to build up miles of shoreline is really needed.