ELMONT - Elmont school officials are planning a daring move for their budget re-vote next month by proposing the exact same budget that was defeated at the polls earlier this month.

The budget, which calls for a 2.8 percent increase in spending and a 6.87 percent increase in taxes, exceeds the state's 2 percent tax cap and must be approved by a 60 percent majority.

During the last vote, the budget only received 57 percent of the vote.

If the budget fails again, the school's contingency budget would have a zero percent increase and school officials say that would mean that the district would have to cut $3.4 million, meaning teachers and programs would likely face cuts.

Parents say they are surprised and concerned that the district did not at least try to cut something out of the proposed budget before putting it up for re-vote.

The vote is scheduled for June 19.

90 percent of LI school budgets pass