ELMONT - A family is pleading for greater traffic safety and enforcement following the death of a teen who was trying to cross a busy street in Elmont.

Amaya George, 19, was struck and killed while walking home from work on Tuesday.  She was just five doors away from home.

While the driver who struck George was not charged, many on Dutch Broadway say they want to see more police patrols, crosswalks and slow down zones.

"If her dying can prevent any other fatalities in this community, I want something to be done," says Tonjah George, the victim's aunt, who helped raise George since her mother died four years ago.

Nassau County has been asked to do a traffic safety study of Dutch Broadway, and Nassau police say they may reinstate extra patrols in the area.  

Last year, Nassau police issued 349 speeding violations. To date this year, they've written 407 tickets.

According to the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, pedestrian fatalities in Nassau County are among the highest in New York state.