ELMONT - An Elmont man accused of running a dog fighting and breeding operation out of his home was indicted today by a grand jury on additional charges.

Marlon Bernier, 25, was arrested in June on charges of animal cruelty and dog fighting. His attorney, William Kephart, insists it is all a misunderstanding, adding that his client didn't posses any dog training materials.

However, prosecutors today pointed to a video allegedly uploaded to YouTube by Bernier that shows a dog on a so-called "spring pole," an apparatus the district attorney's office says is typically used to strengthen a dog's jaw for fighting.

In addition, officials say a few of the nine adult dogs seized from Bernier's home had their ears clipped and some had wounds indicative of fighting.

According to prosecutors, Bernier and a second defendant, 22-year-old Ricardo Louis, who was also arrested, promoted their dog breeding program online, although Bernier had a previous conviction for dog fighting, under which he was not allowed to keep animals.

Bernier is being held on $50,000 bond. He faces up to four years behind bars if convicted.

Elmont man arrested for alleged dog fighting