GWINNET COUNTY, Ga. - Police say two Long Island natives are accused of beating a toddler to death in Georgia.

Elizabeth Calvo and her boyfriend Adam Garber are charged with felony murder in the death of Calvo's 2-year-old son, Aiden.

Georgia police arrested the pair on Dec. 16 after they called 911 claiming the toddler was having seizures. When officers arrived at their apartment, they found blood spattered on the walls. They say Aiden had a fractured skull and bruises all over his body, and his nose, stomach and brain were bleeding. He also had severe diaper rash, possibly from scalding water.

Police say the couple blamed each other and gave other reasons for why the boy was in such a state.

The couple left Long Island and moved to Georgia just days before Aiden's death. Little is known about them, but News 12 has learned that Calvo once attended Castleton Alternative School in Oceanside, and Garber went to Oceanside High School before dropping out.

Calvo also used to work at a Nassau Dunkin' Donuts shop. Her manager says she was a great employee and he was shocked to hear the news. Garber's father told Newsday from his home in Las Vegas that his son is addicted to oxycodone, but he said he doesn't think his son would hurt a child.

According to a post on Calvo's Facebook page last month, abuse concerns were raised in the past. One post from her read, "Honestly, another CPS report this year. It's harassment." The post presumably referred to Child Protective Services.

Both Calvo and Garber are expected to appear in a Georgia courtroom on Tuesday.