LONG BEACH - Democrat Todd Kaminsky, of Long Beach, has emerged as the winner in the race for the state Senate's 9th District seat, election officials said Friday.

They said the final tally, which included absentee ballots, pushed Kaminsky just over the 50 percent threshold.

"The results are as clear history today as they were on election night," Kaminsky's campaign said in a statement. "The board should certify the election as soon as possible."

But Kaminsky's opponent, Republican Chris McGrath, has not conceded.

A McGrath spokesman on Friday issued a statement seeking to tie Kaminsky to an investigation into state Senate campaign donations by aides and groups tied to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

"Given the seriousness of the campaign finance issues and the potential criminality that has arisen regarding Todd Kaminsky's campaign, we are continuing to review all options," the spokesman said.

Kaminsky's win brings the Democratic party closer to taking control of the state Senate for the first time in years, but some analysts believe that could add to Long Island's high tax burden.

"If Republicans lose control of the Senate, and Long Island loses its solid block of nine votes — all Republicans in the Senate — what happens is New York City is in control of all the branches of government, and you get things like the MTA tax," said political analyst Michael Dawidziak. "The way a lot of Albany politicians look at it — not those from Long Island — is upstate is poor, New York city is privileged and Long Island is rich. So, who do you tax? You tax Islanders."

Election officials are expected to certify the results early next week.