WOODBURY - Acting Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter has been nominated to take on the position permanently.

County Executive Ed Mangano believes Krumpter has earned the title, saying that he has reduced crime.

"Crime is down 30 percent. He's managed the budget and it's time we put him before the legislature for consideration," says Mangano.

In order for Krumpter to be officially promoted to police commissioner, he must receive the majority vote of the Nassau County Legislature.

Legislator Carrie Solages, who represents the third district in the western end of the county, says that he has seen a rise in crime.

He says that under Krumpter's watch police precincts were consolidated and the POP unit, or the Problem Oriented Police, was eliminated. The POP unit helped communities with everything from quality of life issues, to dealing with the heroin epidemic.

"I know he cares, but [for] someone who says that he wants to stands up to the county executive, he hasn't really stood up to the county executive when it comes to the POP units and police consolidation plan," says Legislator Solages.

Krumpter has worked for the department for 23 years. His current annual compensation is just over $237,000 a year. The county's annual police commissioner salary is $175,000 a year, a considerable decrease for Krumpter.

Solages and other members of the legislature say they will look at his qualifications and his performance to see if he is a good fit.