EAST MEADOW - The Easter Bunny paid a visit to children who are fighting to get healthy at Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow today.

Among the children who got to see the bunny himself was Kayla Delva, a 1-year-old with sickle cell anemia. Her mother says she also spent Christmas in the hospital. The Easter Bunny brought candy and smiles to her and the other children in the pediatric ward.

Hospital workers also took time away from their families to make sure there was enough candy to go around for their young patients.

"Seeing people in the hospital on holidays, you always feel for them a little more than you would on every other normal day, because you know they had something planned, and their memories of joyus occasions are now here in the hospital," says NUMC President Victor Politi. "So we try to make it a little extra special for them while they're here."