EAST SETAUKET - East Setauket residents are upset about a new communications tower planned for their community.

People say they received a notice on their doors last week, which said that the Suffolk County Water Authority wants to build a 95-foot tall aluminum monopole for communications purposes at the Oak Street pumping station. There is currently a 45-foot wooden pole on the property, but officials say they need a taller tower.

Officials tell News 12 that they do not need town or county zoning approval. They also insist that two notices were placed in Newsday promoting a public hearing back in May.

However, neighbors say they never received any notices about a public hearing or any other forum that would allow them to voice their opinions on the change.

Neighbors say they're also worried that the water authority could lease space on the monopole to a cellular company. In the letter sent to residents, officials say the tower would only be used for communications purposes.

It is unclear when construction will begin.