EAST MEADOW - An East Meadow man has been arraigned on a slew of charges today for allegedly stockpiling illegal weapons.

Police say 27-year-old Michael Anderson had military assault weapons, grenade launchers, handguns and thousands of rounds of ammunition inside his apartment at 240 Bernice Drive.

Anderson was arrested yesterday and his cache of high powered-weapons was discovered and seized by police after his fiancee approached state troopers during a routine traffic stop and begged for help, telling them that the 27-year-old was abusing her.

Police say the woman had to be hospitalized due to her injuries, which she sustained when Anderson allegedly chocked and pushed her down the stairs.

When state police arrived at Anderson's home, they say they found all 14 weapons hidden in a room next to a closet. Investigators are not sure what the man intended to do with the guns.

Anderson, who doesn't have a criminal record, was released on bail this afternoon. He is due back in court next week. The judge also issued a stay away order of protection for Anderson's fiancee.

Anderson's arrest comes just days after police removed more than 100 guns, pipe bombs and grenades from a Woodmere home.