EAST MEADOW - A family from East Meadow blames Petco for the death of their English bulldog.

Alexandra Penn says her 7-year-old dog Elvis was the picture of health earlier this month, but acted lethargic and could barely walk after a grooming at Petco in Levittown.

Penn and her parents immediately took Elvis to a nearby animal hospital, where he died one hour later.

The vet's report says Elvis' death was due in part to possible stress, excessive panting and overheating.

Penn says she has spoken with multiple representatives from Petco, who have determined that they did nothing wrong. She says Petco has not released the details of their investigation to her.

A spokesperson for Petco tells News 12, "Neither the medical reports, nor our investigation show any signs of negligence or injury."

The company also offered to pay for Elvis' vet expenses and help the Penn family find a puppy, "if and when they are ready."