EAST ISLIP - An East Islip mother is on a mission after her 6-year-old son suffered a severe allergic reaction to school cafeteria food.Sue Kavanagh's son Spencer, who has multiple food allergies, went into anaphylaxis shock at school this past November. Fortunately, Kavanagh was able to get there and inject him with an EpiPen.While the state recommends that schools have a plan to deal with severe allergic reactions, they're not required to keep EpiPens available for emergencies. Kavanaugh says she wants that to change, and her efforts are already making a difference. She just learned that the East Islip School District will be carrying EpiPens in all of its schools, starting next year.A bill to mandate EpiPen availability in schools is still in committee, but it has bipartisan support and is expected to move forward.To watch an interview with Sue Kavanagh, click iO Extra on Channel 612.