EAST HAMPTON - An East Hampton mother has organized a back-to-school clothing drive for children in her community.

Kathryn Bermudez, 25, organized the drive after taking her 4-year-old daughter, Nicole, on a play date with a friend.

Bermudez says her daughter's friend was crying because she didn't have any new clothes for the start of the new school year.

"I know what it is to live day by day and struggle when you have a child," Bermudez says.

Bermudez says her co-workers helped her organize the drive for clothes for small children. Local papers picked up the story and within a few days, she began receiving donations.

Bermudez says she took the gently used clothes, washed them and then adorned them with bows before handing them out inside 120 donated backpacks.

Bermudez's husband, Francis Rodriguez, helped her pack and deliver the clothes.