RIVERHEAD - A woman on the East End is filing a claim against Riverhead Town Police over public breastfeeding.

Andrea Zeledon-Mussio says she called police last week from Wading River to report her ex-husband was violating a court order.

Zeledon-Mussio was waiting for officers in her car with her 11-month-old daughter and her 12-year-old son. She says her daughter became fussy so she began to nurse her.  

When police arrived, Zeledon-Mussio claims one of the officers told her numerous times to “cover that up.”

She says she eventually covered up as a courtesy to the officer.

“I want to let you know what you are asking me to do is illegal,” Zeledon-Mussio says she told the officer.

She says she felt intimidated by the officer and has filed a complaint with Riverhead Town Police. She hopes to make sure everyone knows that public breastfeeding is protected under New York state law.

Riverhead police said they are investigating the allegations.