EAST HAMPTON - Lawmakers in an East End town want to ban big chain stores like Wal-Mart and McDonald’s.  

The proposed legislation before the East Hampton Town Board would require chain businesses with 15 or more locations in the United States to obtain a special permit through the town planning board.

Today, two town council members came out against the legislation, while three are for it. One of those in favor of the plan is Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell.

"These are always tough choices, trying to find the right balance. But the balance to me is protecting the assets of the community: the natural environment, the historic nature of the community,” said Cantwell.

He said he wants to protect the town’s assets from overdevelopment, exploitation and suburbanization.

Some residents say the legislation adds another layer of government that will eventually keep new businesses away.

A vote on the plan is expected on Aug. 21.