SOUTHAMPTON - Long Island’s struggling fishing industry could get a boost from new offshore technology, according to one ambitious resident and her supporters.

Donna Lanzetta, of East Quogue, wants to use so-called "aquapods" to raise fish, and she's already received a $50,000 grant to start the business.

Lanzetta says pods would be the first of their kind in the United States.

The proposal would place galvanized steel pods measuring 70 yards in diameter about 16 miles offshore, moored to the ocean floor around 120 feet underwater. Pulleys and chains enable ocean farmers to lift the pods to the surface when it's time to harvest.

Lanzetta says similar setups off the coasts of Mexico are able to survive Category 5 hurricanes without any damage.

And furthermore, "Fish can't get out, predators can't get in," she says.

Supporters say it is a way to raise fish without any impact on the environment. The existing wild-fish population is shrinking, according to experts.

Lanzetta says she hopes to have all of her permits in place by spring. Then she can install the first proposed pod near Shinnecock Inlet.