EAST ISLIP - East Islip school officials suspended a 12-year-old Muslim student after forcing him to write a false confession, the boy and his mother say.

Nashwan Uppal, a seventh-grader at East Islip Middle School, says his principal ordered him to write that he was part of ISIS and would blow up the school.

The school district says the incident is under investigation, and it can't comment on individual student disciplinary matters.

Nashwan says the issue began at lunch Wednesday, when two boys allegedly bullied him in the cafeteria.

He says the boys mocked him because he told them he was from Pakistan. 

"He said, 'What are you going to blow up?' He keeps asking me that," Nashwan says of one of the other boys.

When the 12-year-old moved to another table, he says the other boys followed and continued their taunting.

Nashwan says he snapped back at his tormentors, but not with the wording he wrote down.

"Assistant principal and principal bullied him, basically -- it's a hate crime," says Nubaisha Amar, Nashwan's mother.

Police questioned Nashwan and closed the case, but the school suspended him for a week anyway.

Amar will meet with the district superintendent Monday.