BOSTON - The surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect has stopped talking to authorities.

Officials say Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is still in a Boston hospital, but some lawmakers are calling for him to be transferred to a military detention center.

According to officials, Tsarnaev, 19, has not given them any more information since he was read his Miranda rights.

Before he stopped talking, the teen told authorities his older brother, Tamerlan, only recently recruited him to be a part of the attack.

Officials also say that no gun was found in the boat where the surviving suspect was found. Authorities had previously said in a criminal complaint that there was an intense shootout between Dzhokhar and police involving gunfire.

Meanwhile, the teen’s father is expected to arrive in the United States tomorrow. He says he wants to bring his oldest son’s body back to Russia.

It is not clear if their father will be allowed to visit the younger Tsarnaev in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Congress wants to know why federal agents didn't keep closer tabs on Tamerlan after his 2011 trip to Chechnya.

According to officials, his mother now may not come to the United States because of a shoplifting warrant she has here. The mother says the FBI interviewed her oldest son and she believed he would be watched because of it.

A CIA source told the Associated Press that Tamerlan was put into a terrorist database 18 months ago.

The FBI however, closed their file on Tamerlan when they found no terrorist activity.

Security officials are expected to face tough questions about the attacks when they brief the Senate about the investigation today.