CENTRAL ISLIP - The Town of Islip is investigating an incident involving a figure hung from a noose on town property earlier this week. Cleveland Gamble says he walked to work at a town parks yard in Central Islip Monday night to discover a 6-foot tall dummy with a skeleton mask hanging from the rafters by a noose.Gamble says the next day, a foreman admitted to hanging the noose and apologized, saying that it was a prank gone awry. Islip Director of Personnel Robert Finnegan says he has no knowledge of prior incidents, but says the town is taking the matter very seriously. The town has also called in Islip's Anti-Bias Task Force to review the incident. Rabbi Steve Moss, a member of the task force, says the responsible worker should be disciplined and perhaps fired. Town officials, however, say they are not ready yet to take that step. Suffolk police say there does not appear to be any criminality involved.Meanwhile, Councilwoman Trish Bergin has requested that all town employees undergo sensitivity training.