PORT JEFFERSON - A 24-year-old Stony Brook University student suffered a severe brain injury in a car crash four years ago, and now her efforts of reclaiming her life are being hampered by a drug shortage.

Lorraine DiCandia says the future and recovery of her daughter, Amanda Honold, is deeply dependent on her continuing to get her necessary medication.

Honold's doctor prescribed her Dexedrine, a low-cost generic drug. But her mother says most pharmacies only carry the brand-name version of the drug, which costs $220 a month and is not covered by her insurance.

Pharmacists say generics don't bring in the high profits to the drug companies, so they tend to keep only limited supplies of the low-cost drugs, among them 250 lifesaving medicines.

Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton) is considering legislation to help people in Honold's situation get access to treatments.