ELMONT - While the snow has been cleared from most primary roads on Long Island, drivers are now dealing with black ice left in the wake of the blizzard.

Drivers say traffic on the main roads is moving well, but Robert Sinclair, of AAA, says people shouldn't let clear roads fool them. Some of the snow has been melting into the streets, and as the temperature drops overnight, it will create prime conditions for black ice.

"These people are in the mindset to think that they can just cowboy their way through these conditions because they have an SUV," he says. "They're in the wrong state of mind. Sixty percent of all SUV crashes are single-vehicle crashes - people have lost control."

On some side streets, the situation is even bleaker. Joe Wollney, of Elmont, says no one came to plow his dead-end street in Elmont, so he and his neighbors took matters into their own hands and dug out their entire block using nothing but shovels.

"No plow, no Nassau County," he says. "High taxes and we have to shovel our own streets."

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