HEMPSTEAD - Another battle has emerged in the Hempstead School District that stems from ballot counting in the latest school vote.

The day after the school budget vote was halted and the machines were sealed, the Hempstead Town board certified the election results. The district's budget passed and current board member Maribel Toure and her running partner, Gwendolyn Jackson, won the election.

Following the results, one of the board candidates says he is filing a civil rights actions against the district.

The attorneys for Toure and Jackson and the school district landed in Mineola court Wednesday because of a dispute over absentee ballots. The lawyers for the district accuse Toure's attorneys, Fred Brewington and Keith Corbett, of "lying" Tuesday night when they said they already had a judge's order to stop the election.

A judge declared Wednesday that he would not issue a temporary restraining order and that counting can go ahead for the Hempstead school board and budget votes. He also ordered all parties to preserve the voting evidence for 30 days.

Corbett told News 12 that he was just following proper procedure.

The board voted to undo the candidate portion of the election. In the meantime, the board authorized its attorneys to file a lawsuit, and they are now calling on the state Department of Education commissioner to order a revote in this election.

Last year, allegations of voter fraud prompted the education commissioner to order a special election.