CENTRAL ISLIP - A Baldwin Harbor doctor accused of illegally selling pain pills took the stand today to defend himself.

Dr. Leonard Stambler is accused of conspiring to distribute oxycodone. He testified today that he would never "tolerate drug dealing" at his practice.

Stambler said he scrutinized his patients, researched them on state databases and "got rid of" 41 patients who he knew or suspected were dealing the oxycodone that he had prescribed to them.

In cross-examination, Stambler admitted that he knew one of his patients had forged a prescription for oxycodone and didn't report him. He also said he considered the patient a friend and knew he had a dependence on pain pills, yet personally drove him to the pharmacy to fill the prescription.

If convicted, Stambler could face 20 years behind bars, but Stambler says he thinks he's only facing two years.