Dr. Eric Jacobson, doctor of Medford pharmacy massacre suspect David Laffer, takes plea deal for distributing pills

Dr. Eric Jacobsen was arrested in 2012 after an investigation was conducted into the Medford murders. (5/1/14)

CENTRAL ISLIP - The doctor who allegedly prescribed pills to the couple behind the 2011 massacre at a pharmacy in Medford has accepted a guilty plea.

Dr. Eric Jacobson, of Great Neck, pleaded guilty to writing 19 prescriptions for patients after surrendering his license to practice medicine. All the charges connecting Jacobson to David Leffer and the Medford pharmacy massacre have been dropped, angering relatives of the four victims killed by Laffer at Haven Drugs.

"What he did was a direct relation to David Laffer going in and killing my father," says the son of one of the victims.

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Jacobson was facing life in prison if he was convicted at a federal trial that was supposed to start this month. He was accused of 262 counts, including conspiracy to distribute oxycodone and hydrocodone to patients, including Laffer and his wife, the couple behind the massacre. Jacobson will now serve 7 to 9 years.

Federal prosecutors told the judge they offered Jacobson a plea deal after U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder issued a memo to all federal prosecutors, asking them to review narcotics cases.

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