EAST ROCKAWAY - Dozens of cats were removed from a condemned home in East Rockaway Thursday.

Volunteers said they removed about 49 cats from a woman's home on North Boulevard. News 12 is told the woman is in her 70s and is bed-ridden.

They said all of the cats appear to be in good health, with no signs of abuse or neglect. 

Volunteers add that they believe it is just a case of the homeowner being overwhelmed with the amount of cats in the home.

Joan Phillips, president of the Animal Lover's League, said that cleanliness has been neglected.  She said there is also a strong urine odor in the home.

The town has condemned the home, but the homeowner's attorney said his client will not leave. He said she consented to have the animals removed, but is hopeful to get them back.

"We're having the cats evaluated right now, and it's our hope that she's reunited with these cats," said attorney Eric Milner.

Law enforcement officials told News 12 that they reached an agreement with the homeowner to return 10 of her cats after they have been spayed or neutered.

Officials said that five years ago, they removed 40 cats from another home in the area belonging to the same homeowner.

No charges were filed against the homeowner.