NORTH HEMPSTEAD - Residents along a five-mile stretch between Great Neck and Port Washington are upset over a utility pole eyesore in their community.

More than 200 hurricane-proof poles have been installed next to old utility poles in the area. The decommissioned poles have not yet been removed, creating block after block of double utility poles.

The North Hempstead Town Board is considering a proposed law requiring public utility companies to remove decommissioned utility poles. Under the law, a utility company applying to install a new pole would have 60 days to remove the old pole, or else pay a $500 fine.

A spokesman for PSEG says the company agrees with residents that the old poles should come down, but says it's a process to remove them.

“Because we're dealing with power transmission lines, it’s imperative and a safety issue with all the other contractors involved,” PSEG LI Spokesman Jeff Weir told News 12. “We have to get our equipment off the pole first.”

The Town of North Hempstead Board says it will take the utilities and public comments into consideration. It plans to vote on the double pole law on August 12.