JONES BEACH - Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer today released new sketches and DNA information in connection to the Ocean Parkway bodies investigation, including the fact that testing linked one of the victim's bodies to remains found 15 years ago.

In total, police confirmed that the remains of 10 people have been found along Ocean Parkway since last year, including eight women, one man and a female toddler. A total of five of the eight have been identified.

Dormer says it appears all of the identified victims seemed to have been working as prostitutes at the time of their murders. In addition, Dormer says it is believed that one or more individuals murdered the young women.

Although the New York City chief medical examiner, along with the Suffolk County Medical Examiner's Office, has been able to identify five sets of remains, Dormer says the process is painstaking to identify the rest.

During the news conference, Dormer revealed a facial reconstruction sketch of Jane Doe No. 6 whose head, hands and right foot were found April 4. Through DNA it was revealed that a torso discovered in Manorville in Nov. 2000 belongs to Jane Doe No. 6. The remains appear to be that of a young Caucasian woman between the ages of 18-35 and about 5 feet 2 inches tall. The remains have still not been identified.

Dormer revealed that Jane Doe No. 6 may have been last seen alive in the late summer of 2000. In addition, based on some of the other victims, they are considering the possibility that this woman worked as a prostitute.

In a shocking twist, Dormer revealed that through DNA evidence, the remains of the female toddler and those of Jane Doe No. 6 are related. Police believe they were a mother and daughter.

Police revealed images of jewelry found on both Jane Doe No. 6 and the toddler who they believe may have gone missing between one to five years ago.

Dormer also revealed a facial recognition sketch of an unidentified Asian male who was between the ages of 17-23 at the time of his death. DNA testing revealed the man had poor dental health and was missing his top and bottom molars, as well as his top front teeth. Forensic scientists believe his death occurred five to 10 years ago. The man was found wearing women's clothing, leading investigators to believe that he was working as a cross-dressing escort.

Additionally, forensic anthropologists have made a connection between remains found in April and a woman's legs discovered on the bay side just west of David Park Beach on Fire Island on April 20, 1996. Forensic analysis has not yet been completed, and police are still working on the victim's sketch.

The investigation is ongoing and Suffolk County police are still being assisted by the FBI, New York State Police and Nassau County police on the case. In addition, the homicide squad is still investigating the disappearance of Shannan Gilbert.

Police are now offering a $25,000 reward for information about the bodies. People are being asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.Ocean Parkway murder sketches Spota: Multiple killers responsible in beach bodies caseSearch expands for more remains in Gilgo Beach bodies case

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