PATCHOGUE - A Patchogue family says they are thankful their 16-year-old daughter is alive after she was attacked by a dog they adopted.

The Neira family adopted a pit bull from a New York City shelter. Minutes after getting the dog home, they say it attacked their daughter, Brianna Neira, and bit her on the arm and face.

Father Stephen Neira says it took him several minutes to pull the dog off Briana, and then several tranquilizer darts from police to get him subdued.

He says a temperament report by Animal Care and Control of New York City and an online ad claimed the dog, named Alex, would be great for any family, but he seriously doubts that now.

The teen is recovering in the hospital, and her father is wondering how a dog that was supposed to be good with families could attack.

News 12 contacted the New York City shelter and a rescue group that had previously owned the dog, but the calls went unreturned.

Brookhaven town officials say the animal has been euthanized.