MASTIC BEACH - Some patients whose doctors have been charged with illegally selling prescriptions say they're now having difficulty finding a doctor who will treat them. Matthew DiBartolo, 58, is a disabled former welder who suffered a serious back injury in 1999. He'd been going to see Dr. Frank Telang for pain management, but Telang was recently accused of selling painkiller prescriptions for cash. Now, DiBartolo says he's been trying in vain for weeks to find a new doctor. Some physicians on Long Island say they're uncomfortable with having to play detective amid a painkiller crackdown in New York State. It can be difficult to determine if a patient is "doctor-shopping," or trying to find a willing prescription-writer. For people who are coping with genuine chronic pain, however, it's tough to comprehend. DiBartolo says he feels as though he's been blacklisted.AG: Prescription painkiller abuse in NY hits epidemic proportionsCops: Baldwin Harbor doctor busted for peddling pillsDoctor arrested, accused of providing meds to LafferExperts: Some doctors play role in prescription pill epidemic