FLORAL PARK - Drivers on Long Island won't have to visit a local DMV to renew their licenses after the agency dropped the required eye test for all non-commercial drivers.

DMV officials say the change is one of several stemming from an order by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) for state agencies to streamline their operations.

Some people who have criticized the plan, such as 80-year-old Bob Silver, of Floral Park, says it has many drawbacks.

"You can be 80 years old [and] you don't have to take another eye test? ? So you walk around with a cane and a dog, and it's OK to drive a car?" he says.

DMV officials say the change will make it easier for drivers to renew their licenses online or by mail; they'll just have to "self-certify" that they meet the vision requirement.

Residents applying for the first time will still have to take the test.