DIX HILLS - A Dix Hills woman says she woke up to a terrifying ordeal today when she discovered that several sheep and a goat that she kept as pets had been killed.

Elyse Dionisio says she was told a week ago to watch her animals because a pack of wild dogs had been spotted roaming the area.  She says she bought a tall fence with a lock, but it somehow wasn't enough to save her five sheep and goat.

Dionisio's neighbor, Helene, says she saw the wild dogs and could hear screaming from the animals.  She says she was able to scare off the dogs, but not in time to save the animals.

Suffolk police say they are investigating the attack.

Animal control officials say they have set up traps, but Dionisio says she is looking into hiring a professional trapper. She says this is the third attack in her neighborhood in the last week.