DIX HILLS - A Dix Hills couple has been arrested in connection with an April car accident that killed a teenage girl.

Taylor Cavalieri, 16, was hit and killed by a car on the Northern State Parkway. According to police, Cavalieri was drunk when she wandered onto the roadway from a Dix Hills house party.

Investigators say there was underage drinking going on at the home of Robert and Lori Gelb.

The Gelbs have been charged under Suffolk County's social host law. Police say the couple knew that there were at least 30 underage teens at their home drinking alcohol, and did nothing to stop it.

Investigators say the Gelbs also were aware that their guests were leaving their home drunk.

In addition, Commack 7-Eleven clerk Mohammad Ellahi, of Bay Shore, has been charged with selling the alcohol to a minor who brought it to the Gelbs' party.

The Dix Hills couple and Ellahi are scheduled to appear in court in November.