BAY SHORE - A Bay Shore dog that's so devoted to his owner went so far as to pay his master a visit in the hospital, all on his own. John Dolan, of Bay Shore, was recently admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital for skin ulcers. His wife says their adopted Husky, named Zander, seemed mopey and depressed without his owner around. Then, Zander escaped out the back door one morning and ran nearly two miles to the hospital where Dolan was staying. A hospital worker found the doting dog sitting outside in the street. The worker called the number on Zander's tag, and John Dolan's cell phone rang in his hospital room. Dolan says he and his wife were shocked to hear that the dog had somehow tracked him down. Now that Dolan is back home, the family says Zander's tail is wagging once more.To watch extended footage from this story, go to Optimum TV Channel 612 and select the 'News 12 Extra' tab.