The Democratic primary candidates vying for the chance to replace retiring Rep. Steve Israel all seem to be taking aim at one man: Donald Trump.

The presumptive Republican presidential campaign was targeted in recent ads released by Steve Stern and Anna Kaplan. Tom Suozzi recently called Trump "completely irresponsible and mean-spirited" in an interview. Jon Kaiman has warned that Trump's supporters are likely to tire of his "antics, insults and lies."

The Democratic candidates vying for the 3rd District seat are trying to appeal to voters in a crowded field. Political consultants say it could prove to be a sound plan in the North Shore district, which has about 38,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans. Experts add that the district also has a large Jewish community, and Donald Trump has had a more than 70 percent disapproval rating among surveyed Jewish voters.

But even though the district leans Democratic, Trump continues to inspire many Republican and independent voters.  And some are saying they'll remember what the candidates said about Trump when they choose their next representative in the fall.

The primary election will take place on June 28.