DEER PARK - A Deer Park family is calling for tougher boating laws across the country on the 10-year anniversary of their daughter's death.

Brianna Lieneck, 11, was killed when a drunken boater rammed into her family's vessel on the Great South Bay 10 years ago.

The Lieneck family says they feel anger and frustration over the fact that more hasn't been done to make waterways safer.

"It's not just our accident, there have been several incidents with major occurrences, with major fatalities," says Danyelle Rennhack, Brianna's sister.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, 35 people died in New York boating crashes where alcohol was a factor between 2010 and 2014.

The Lienecks began pushing for Brianna's Law, which is federal legislation to require licensing for boat operators, impose speed limits and mandatory Breathalyzer tests. However, Brianna's Law never passed the Senate.

Rep. Steve Israel and Sen. Chuck Schumer have recently introduced similar legislation aimed at increasing safety on the water. Those bills are still in committee.