HICKSVILLE - The state Department of Conservation plans to demolish former Sylvania buildings that have been linked to radioactive contamination in Nassau County.

The old plant on Cantiague Rock Road in Hicksville produced nuclear fuel rods in the 1950s. Environmentalists say it left a serious contamination in the area.

"We know that this site is one of the most contaminated on Long Island," says environmentalist Adrienne Esposito. "[The demolition] needs to be done extremely carefully and cautiously."

According to the state's cleanup plan, two of the three buildings will be demolished and nothing below the surface will be removed. The plan calls for air sampling and radiation contamination surveys to be performed on the material, workers and equipment. The demolition debris will be trucked off site for disposal.

A notice from the DEC says the buildings are set to be taken down later this month.

Demolition is expected to last 30 days.