MANORVILLE - Many locals were shocked to hear that the Manorville wildfire that burned 1,100 acres of brush in two days has been deemed arson. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) says the April 9 fire that began in a wooded area near Brookhaven National Lab was a case of arson. "We will release a summary of the fire and its effect once all the information is collected and verified," DEC officials said in a statement. "We are unable to release the investigative information we shared with the county due to the on-going investigation." The Suffolk Police Department says it's still investigating the incident. "At this point in time the fire is still undetermined by the SCPD," officials said in a statement. "It doesn't appear the fire was started from natural causes, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was intentional." Ultimately, the Suffolk County Arson Squad will make the final call as to what caused the fire.