HICKSVILLE - A Hicksville woman who donated a kidney to her sick boss and was fired shortly after has filed a federal lawsuit.

Deborah Stevens was working for boss Jacqueline Brucia at Atlantic Hyundai in West Islip when she agreed to donate her organ.

It wasn't a match, but Stevens donated her kidney to an organ bank so Brucia was able to "move up" on the donation list. Stevens was fired after surgery.

The lawsuit alleges Stevens was fired in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Stevens claims her boss became hostile after she returned and that her employers fired her for her "perceived disability" after donating her kidney.

"She requested numerous accommodations," says Stevens' attorney, Rick Ostrove. "They were denied unreasonably, and when she compained about them, she was transferred and then she was fired shortly thereafter."  

According to Ostrove, the New York State Division of Human Rights ruled in October that her former employer did engage in discriminatory practices in her firing. The ruling allowed Stevens to file the lawsuit.