GREENLAWN - Officials say there is good news for thousands of families who depend on Suffolk County health centers for their medical care. New York State and Suffolk officials say they reached a deal yesterday that would reduce cutbacks in funding to most of the county's health centers from 22 percent to 8.5 percent for this and next year. "There's still going to be some pain, but it's not a fatal blow to these centers as it would've been," says County Executive Steve Levy (R-Suffolk). However, Levy says the Dolan Family Health Center will still be slapped with a 22-percent funding reduction because it's not part of the county's health network. Administrators at the Greenlawn facility say no one from the county has informed them about the cutback."It is a blow to the Dolan Family Health Center, if it is in fact true," says Terence Smith, of the Dolan Family Health Center.