WOODBURY - Black smoke poured from the Sistine Chapelchimney today, signaling that the first day of the papal conclave ended without choosing a new pope.

The 115 cardinals will return tomorrow for the second day of the secret voting.

Monsignor Jim Vlaun, the CEO and president of Telecare Television in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, says today was a day of prayer and reflection.

Vlaun says the new pope will likely be chosen soon.

"I wouldn't leave my TV for the next couple of days because I think it's going to be very exciting, I think it's going to move rather quickly because these men have already been speaking with one another, and I think within a few days, God willing, we will have an answer," Vlaun says.

Pope Benedict XVI was chosen within 24 hours of the start of the previous conclave. The longest conclave in history lasted two years and eight months.