WOODBURY - New data suggests that gun owners are not registering many semi-automatic weapons.

Under the Safe Act signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2013, an estimated 1 million semi-automatic guns were supposed to have been registered. So far, state police data shows that fewer than 24,000 people have signed up their guns.

Andrew Chernoff, the owner of Coliseum Gun Traders, says he's not surprised that people did not register their weapons.

"A lot of people see registration as a preliminary step to confiscation," Chernoff told News 12.

Lawrence Dittmer, an NRA member and certified firearms instructor, says gun owners are waiting to see if the law will be amended, redacted or rescinded.

In May, a Sienna College poll found 62 percent of New York residents support the Safe Act.
Under current New York state law, AR-15-type weapons can only be legally sold to active members of law enforcement. That's because it includes a pistol grip and a detachable magazine.

Those who have similar unregistered weapons could face criminal charges under the Safe Act.