WOODBURY - A Massapequa man is accused of trying to run down two Nassau County police officers with his vehicle after they caught him allegedly selling drugs.

Investigators say Dashawn Combs, 26, was spotted selling heroin and crack Thursday night in Massapequa.

Authorities say the two officers approached Combs' vehicle with their police shields displayed and verbally identified themselves as police. Investigators say that's when Combs put his car in reverse and allegedly tried to run the officers over.

The two officers opened fire before Combs sped off.

Combs' attorney, Matthrew Rosenblum, says his client was acting in fear. "Sometimes there's an over-reaction from law enforcement because of these terribly difficult situations," Rosenblum said.

Combs was arrested the following day. Police say they issued a search warrant at his Massapequa apartment and recovered 20 grams of heroin and 10 grams of crack-cocaine.

Combs' girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, who lives in the apartment, was also arrested on drug charges.

Combs said nothing as he was escorted out of Nassau police headquarters today. His parents refused to comment in court at his arraignment.

Police say Combs has a lengthy criminal history. He is awaiting sentencing in Suffolk after pleading guilty to drug charges in an unrelated case. He is due back in court on the new charges on Feb. 7.