HAUPPAUGE - Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer's theory that a single serial killer is responsible for all of the bodies dumped along Ocean Parkway was publicly challenged yesterday by District Attorney Thomas Spota.

During a legislative meeting, Spota said Dormer should have never disclosed to the media that there's only one person behind the Gilgo Beach murders. According to the district attorney, evidence points to several killers, and he said there are still a lot of questions to be answered about the victims.

"We have not even identified who some of these people are," Spota said.

Spota also accused Dormer of potentially compromising the investigation by revealing police techniques and evidence. Dormer, however, told the Legislature that giving out some information led to hundreds of tips about people in the sex industry.

The district attorney said he is most upset that he found out about the one-killer theory from a phone conversation with a news reporter.

Dormer declined to comment about Spota's remarks after the meeting.

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