MINEOLA - The Nassau County District Attorney's Office dismissed robbery and drug charges against an Old Bethpage man accused of robbing a pizza deliveryman in March.

Jermaine Jones, 21, was arrested and charged with robbing a Papa John's deliveryman on Lehman Road in Lakeview. The deliveryman says three men stole his pizza and nearly $200 in cash during the incident.

According to court records, Jermaine Jones was arrested 20 minutes later while sitting in a car with a friend on Clinton Avenue.

Jones' attorney Leonard Issacs says his client was arrested initially because police smelled marijuana in the car. He says police then brought the deliveryman to Jones, who identified him as one of his robbers.

Issacs says identifications based on one-person accounts "are always subject to being wrong."

"This is a case of a completely innocent man who was charged with a major felony, which hung over his head for several months," says Issacs.

A spokesman for the Nassau DA says, "After an extensive investigation, it was determined that there was not enough evidence to sustain a robbery charge against the defendant. As a result, we moved to dismiss the robbery charge and a judge granted it."

Jones, who had no prior criminal history and was facing a 15-year sentence says it's a relief to have the ordeal behind him and his record sealed.

"It did have a major impact on my life, so I'm thankful," says Jones.