WOODBURY - The man who spent more than decade in prison for molesting young boys but insisted his confession was coerced will not see his conviction overturned, the Nassau County District Attorney's Office announced today.

The district attorney says that an exhaustive, three-year review of the case has only strengthened confidence in the initial guilty plea of Jesse Friedman.

Friedman spent 13 years in prison for molesting 14 boys before he was paroled in 2001. His case was the subject of a 2003 documentary film titled "Capturing the Friedmans," which questioned the investigation behind the conviction and eventually prompted the district attorney's office to review the case.

The report into the investigation, released today, says it found no evidence to support claims that Friedman or the young victims in the case were pressured into making false statements, as Friedman’s supporters have suggested.

Friedman and his attorney say they are disappointed, but not surprised by the new report. "It was lies that put me in prison 25 years ago," he says. "I believe there’s nothing but lies in the report that was released today."

Friedman maintains his innocence and says he will not give up until he is exonerated.