MINEOLA - Nassau County prosecutors say more than two dozen convicted drunken drivers have been arrested for allegedly driving to their probation meetings without using the required ignition interlock device.

The device prevents anyone who has been drinking from starting and operating a vehicle, and they are mandatory for anyone convicted of DWI.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced today that 25 people were busted exploiting a loophole in the law by telling a judge they didn't have cars and therefore had nowhere to install the interlock device.

Rice says the suspects were under surveillance when they were caught driving borrowed cars to meet their probation officers. She says some parked far away to avoid being caught.

The newest interlock technology is equipped with a camera that takes a snapshot every time the device is blown into. It aims to prevent drunken drivers from having a sober passenger puff into it.

The new devices are also equipped with GPS technology that lets police pinpoint a convicted drunken driver's exact location.

Rice is urging state officials to make changes to the law to avoid convicts from skirting around the conditions of their probation.