ALBANY - Gov. Andrew Cuomo today unveiled his 2012-13 spending plan, saying his proposal will help shape a new future for the state. The governor's proposal includes no tax hikes, although it would increase state spending by 2 percent, or about $89 million. The overall plan would eliminate New York's $2 billion deficit, Cuomo says, by using $1.9 billion in revenue from the "millionaire tax" approved last month and making over $1 billion in cuts. After slashing aid to schools around the state last year, Cuomo's budget includes a modest 4-percent raise in school aid for this year. Political analysts say those funds would be directed to low-income districts, meaning most Long Island schools wouldn't benefit. The governor's spending plan would also have the state pick up a larger share of Medicaid costs, which would lower the amount that counties on Long Island would have to pay. The budget proposal would also merge some state agencies and implement a less costly pension tier for new hires, which Cuomo says would save state and local governments billions of dollars in employer payments.AP wire services contributed to this report.

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