ALBANY - In the 18 months he's been in office, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has racked up a sterling record. He's gotten nearly all of his proposals passed and is enjoying an unheard-of 70 percent approval rating. For many previous governors, getting legislation through the Capitol has been an endless labyrinth. Albany has never been known for its efficiency, and that's what makes Cuomo's track record so remarkable. The governor is doing it by keeping state lawmakers happy on both sides of the aisle: Democrats were pleased by the passage of the Marriage Equality Act, and Cuomo appealed to Republicans by pushing for the tax cap. Still, Cuomo's victories do not come without criticism. Some say they'd like to see more transparency in the way he gets things done. The League of Women Voters has been a vocal critic, urging less closed-door deals and more government business handled in the public eye. Analysts say Cuomo's bipartisan leadership could be the blueprint for a presidential bid. The governor has so far shrugged off any such talk, but if his successes in Albany continue, the White House whispers will only get louder.Gov. Cuomo signs teacher evaluations law2011 a busy first year in office for Gov. CuomoGov. Cuomo signs same-sex marriage bill