SUNKEN MEADOW STATE PARK - Gov. Andrew Cuomo and more than a dozen local and state officials are demanding the federal government halt its plan to dump dredged materials into the eastern Long Island Sound.

As News 12 Long Island has reported, dredged materials have been dumped at four open-water disposal sites in the Long Island Sound since the 1980s. Back in 2005, the governor says the state and the federal government came to an agreement mandating a phase-out of the dumping.

Last month, the federal Environmental Protection Agency voted to continue dumping at two of those sites, in the western and central part of the Sound. Permits on the other two sites are set to expire in December.

"They've been looking for 10 years and now their conclusion is, 'Well we can't find any alternatives,'" says Gov. Cuomo.

The EPA is reviewing public comments on the proposed dumping sites. It's expected to have a decision in the fall.